*Please know we fully health test and see MANY breeders priced the same or higher for NO testing at all. PLEASE do your homework*

How Do I Adopt a Puppy?

We prefer to meet our families, but understand that not all families are close! We can also build a trusting relationship by phone and email. We allow our families to visit after 4 weeks of age and choose the correct puppy that fits their family needs! Payment is due in full at picking time CASH only.  Sorry, the health of our puppies is our #1 Priority!! NO visit will be allowed if any family member is sick.  Don't worry, we can help! 

**Sorry for the safety and health of our pets, NO Outside Pets Allowed at Our Home**

Securing/Payment for a Puppy

A NONREFUNDABLE Deposit of $500 will hold a puppy of your choice. Remaining balance is due AT puppy picking time (BY 4 Weeks of Age). This is a first deposit first choice basis!  **BREEDER reserves the rights to first choice at any time**  Deposits will be rolled over to next litter ONLY or lost unless otherwise arranged. You may pass 2 times, an additional depoist is then required to stay on list(s). PopMoney or Zelle accepted for Deposits.  Do all YOUR research BEFORE putting a deposit down Please! NO REFUNDS will be given. By submitting a deposit you are agreeing to the contract (Click Purchase Contract to view)


Doodles have straight to curly hair. Regular daily grooming is highly recommended. Professional Grooming can be done approx every 2-3 months!  For light color doodles Bio-Groom Extra Whitening Shampoo is highly recommended! For Detangler a cream rinse is recommended! Remove hair buildup in ears routinely to prevent ear infections! Provide Oral hygiene every week!



Health Testing

We test for the Panel of common DNA defects for the breed. Test Results are available upon request and/or able to be accessed under "Kennel Name Search" at PawPrint Genetics: Please note some tests are ran through VetDNA/Animal Genetics. 

We now added Orthopedic testing to our group! They will be tested for One or All of the following: OFA, PennHip, and or eVet Diagnostics. They test for Hips/Pelvis, Elbows, & Patellas.

Doodle Generation

F1: FIRST GENERATION: Golden Retriever x Poodle (Approx 50/50)Little-to-No Shedding: Recommended for mild/moderate allergies. BEST Vigor/Cross. Coat type variable-Straight/Wavy/Shag. F1 Coats are unpredictable. Some may appear short shag such as the Retriever. 


F1B: F1 Goldendoodle x Poodle (Approx  75/25)

Typically No-Shed: Recommended for severe allergies. Some Vigor is lost with each generation. Coat type variable- Wavy/Curly. Coat well predicted.


F2: Second Generation: F1 Goldendoodle x F1 Goldendoodle

Little to No-shed, and coat type can still vary. IC (Incorrect Coat) gene is carried by each parent. Can have Retriever appearance. Coat type can be shag/wavy/curly. We DO NOT breed F2.


F2B: F2 Goldendoodle x Poodle (One of it's breeds of origin) No-shed, coat type well established-Typically wavy/curly.


F3: Third Generation of Goldendoodle. F1B x F1B. This is a great cross for established coat style as well. Through the DNA testing of IC gene, Furnishings, & Curl, prediction of coats is easy! No-Shed. Coat type: Wavy/curly.

 MultiGenerational: Any combo of generation of F1B or beyond bred to another Generation (such as F3xF1B). It gets sort of confusing after so many generations!! Sometimes it is just easier to say "MultiGen"!!

When is the BEST time to spay/Neuter my pet?

Attached is the link that provides adequate and informative concerns for timeframe for this procedure.

Per our contract, there is a set time for this to occur. NO early/spay neuter is recommended. Our health guarantee is void if done.

Before You Do Something Permanent, Know About Growth Plates – National Purebred Dog Day®

How Do I Choose My Puppy?

Although we would love to meet all our families, we know sometimes that is not possible. We work around your preference. Emails, Facebook, or Texting Pictures and or Videos. NO WORRIES, with our experience, we help the choosing process to fit your family!  Due to other families waiting in line, Puppy picking process is done BY 4 weeks of age!**IF YOU FAIL TO CHOOSE BY THIS TIME, YOUR SPOT IN LINE IS LOST**. Deposit then is kept and can be rolled over to another litter of your choice or to the end of the line in current litter. Time slots are set for each family to choose. PUPPIES ARE DUE IN FULL ONCE PICKING OCCURS. Failure to pay may result in losing your spot/puppy. THIS IS NON-NEGOTIABLE.

Do You Ship Puppies?

Winter shipping is NOT available. We do not prefer to ship puppies. They are tiny precious babies and we prefer to safely hand them off to their new families. We will, for an extra charge, meet you personally either at a local airport or a short distance for a personal hand delievered bundle of joy! Minimum Charge is $100 for travel within a 1 hr radius. If puppy is shipped (average $500), $75 fee applies for supplies (crate/bowls/linen) PLUS Vet cerf

Airport prefernce: South Bend, IN, Midway Chicago (NO O'Haire)

When Do I Pick My Puppy Up?

We take our puppies to the Vet at birth and at the age of 6-7 weeks old for final clearance. A breeding specialist thoroughly examines each individual puppy and health certifies/clears our puppies. A heart, lung, eye, palate, joints, and testes exam is performed. With the vet's  approval, the puppies will be released to thier new homes  between 7&8 weeks of age. Puppies will be held to 8 weeks of age at breeders discretion. If you choose to leave the puppy longer than the Pick up date set, a charge of $225 a week is applied. NO EXCEPTIONS. All puppies must be picked up on Pick up date set PLEASE!! Bonding time is important!

 Adoption Terms

We have a strict Spay/Neuter Contract. We carefully place puppies into loving homes as pets. Lots of knowledge, passion, and experience is put into what we do. If you also have the same passion as we do, there is an additional fee at our discretion.        


Breech of this contract will result in a law suit of ALL legal/court/additional breeding fees ($20,000). This contract is a legal document and is held up in the court of law.


Our dogs are fed from a family owned business, TLC Pet Food. Puppies begin eating food around 4 weeks old, and are usually fully weened by 6 Weeks old. TLC is a very high quality food with THREE meats as the main source of protein unlike many brands that use Plant-Based Proteins. There is also Pre and active Probiotics. It is shipped for FREE and is FRESH! Grazers and picky eaters look no more! 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

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How Does the Guardian Program Work ?

Application must be filled out and approved by Breeder. Strict rules apply.  Not all families are fit for this program. This program is designed to place puppies of the Breeders choice into homes within a reasonable distance with the exception to full breeding rights, at NO upfront charge to the Guardian family. This program is designed to reduce life altering stress as if placed as an adult once retired from the breeding program. This is a great opportunity for families that desire this specific breed. Once breeding contract is complete you gain full ownership. IF by chance the dog/puppy fails any part of health testing, they are then offered to the Guardian family for half the price of the puppy/dog. Guardians are responsible for Spay/Neuter and provide Proof to breeder.


How Big Will My Puppy Get

Genetics are very hard to predict, but tools are given to us to help predict the AVERAGE puppy adult weight!  Keep in  mind every puppy is different, some gain faster than others. Don't be alarmed if the results look different than you expected! Also keep in mind that larger dogs take longer to reach their adult weight, some times as long as a year and a half old vs a smaller dog can reach it's adult weight by 10 months old! Here is a growth chart to help you calculate your dogs average predicted weight!


We recently started our dogs on a supplement from NuVet Labs. As a dog breeder animal health is my top priority.  Here is a few reasons why we chose NuVet:

  • 100% Natural Ingredients

  • Manufactured in the U.S. in an FDA (Human Grade) Pharmaceutical lab

  • No sugars, fillers or grains

  • Safe to use at all life stages; puppies to seniors

  • 60-Day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee


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What Comes With My Puppy?

Our puppies are vet checked at birth and again around 6 weeks of age. They are health cleared for their new families. UTD on Shots, Deworming Treatments (3-4),  1 YEAR Life Threatening Genetics Health Guarantee, and a Starter Kit. Photos are taken weekly and uploaded to Facebook, Website, or emailed per your preference. We take pride in what we do and it shows! And of course a life time of support!

What is Puppy Boot Camp?

Puppy Boot Camp begins around 4 weeks of age, weather permitting. This introduces the outdoor environment to the puppies at an early age to help the potty training phase much easier! Puppies go out with the big guys around 5-6 times a day!

Payment Options

We have restricted payment methods due to all the scamming. Zelle or Popmoney is the only electronic methods accepted. We take Cash only if picking in person or checks if not local for PAY OFF.  NO personal checks at time of pick ups.  Will accept Personal Check for Deposit ONLY. Allow 7-10 days to process. **Puppies MUST be paid in FULL by 4 wks of age or spot is FORFEITED. ** Breeder reserves right to hold puppy until final pay off is clear. 


SADLY I've had some issues with a pup being returned. I BEG you please do your homework on how to raise a puppy. It is NOT easy. Puppies need work and attention. I will take a puppy back  within 48 Hours of purchase but will withhold $500 non refundable deposit. I do not know what the puppy has been exposed to. This obviously would be a huge financial burden on me if the puppy is returned sick at NO fault of mine. After the 48 hour window I will help post/list the puppy for you. YOU will remain responsible for the care of the puppy during that time. I can not endanger my puppies in the house. Breeder will use her own discretion on returns. After 48 Hours IF the breeder decides to take back a puppy, NO refunds will be provided.

American VS English

English Golden's body frame, fir, temperment,  and heritage is different than the American Golden Retriever. English Goldens are known for their typically Cancer-Free lines, submissive and docile demeanor. They have soft  "Teddy Bear" like fir! Hence their name, English Teddy Bear Goldendoodles!