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TLC Pet Food

  • TLC is family owned and operated (this sets us apart from almost every other brand out there)
  • Our special three meat blend formula is packed with high quality protein that pups easily digest and turn into important amino acids they need  (it's also awesome because chicken is lean, lamb is fatty and salmon contains DHA, Omega-3 and so much more)
  • TLC includes vitamins, minerals and pre and probiotics, providing a complete and balanced diet
  • Our FRESHLY made food is delivered FREE to your doorstep and Autoship lets you schedule your orders to arrive exactly when you need them. You never have to worry about running out of food.
  • The whole grains found in TLC are incredibly beneficial, providing dietary fiber and important nutrients but they are NOT the main source of protein found in TLC. Meat-based protein is the best possible source of protein for our pups because its easily digested and converted into essential amino acids like taurine.
  • TLC contains everything your dog/puppy needs to thrive and the first year of their life is the most important. Ensuring your puppy is fed a quality pet food their first year of life is worth the cost and can actually save you money in the long run; avoiding vet's visits, having to add vitamins, etc., PLUS it's delivered right to their door, saving you trips to the store and gas money!
  • TLC Puppy Pack given to each pup!

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