*Please know we fully health test and see MANY breeders priced the same or higher for NO testing at all. PLEASE do your homework*

How are my puppies Valued? It's a question asked often to all breeders! 

I select my breeding dogs/puppies from very reputable breeders. And Most IMPORTANTLY they are all Health Tested and Clear. I DNA Health Test my whole crew for genetically carried diseases to prevent the passing of these bad traits. We now OFA/PennHipp/and or eVet (Dr.Wallace) Orthopedic tested. All my dogs are seen and cared for under the supervision of a breeding specialist Vet. Puppies are sold as PETS ONLY. I will educate you on all steps of puppy raising!! But please, BEFORE you make the final decision to purchase or put a deposit down please do YOUR RESEARCH!! Puppies take a lot of time but so worth it in the end. Please consider all areas such as how you're picking puppy up (Shipping or in person), If you can afford to raise a puppy (Quality food/Supplements/Vet Care/Emergencies/Supplies/Training/Grooming...) and the time needed to raise a puppy. Deposits are NONREFUNDABLE, no exceptions. They are transferrable to another litter. So please make sure this is the right commitment for you and your family!

**We No Longer Remove Dew Claws**

*Breeding Specialist/Quality Vet Care

*Individual Health Clearance (6-7 Weeks Of Age) & Certificate of Health from Vet

*Up to Date on Shots & Shot Record

*Early Neuro Stimulation

*Deworming Treatments (Weeks 2-7/8)

*Professional WEEKLY Photos

*Puppy potty training starts at 4-5 WEEKS old!!  This I find is a tremendous!

*One Year Health Guarantee (Life Threatening Genetic Defects ONLY) Replacement of Puppy. 

*Very Socialized with other dogs/cats/children

*My home is an open door (After 4 weeks of age/or at puppy picking). I keep a relationship with MANY of my families and always here for support! 


*NEW Puppy Rooms!!

*Puppies are ALL sold as PETS ONLY spay/neuter contracts  (Legal fees apply if contract is breached)

*Starter Kit (EXAMPLE: Leash,collar,toys,NuVet pack, TLC Starter Kit, Grooming Comb, Mommy Scented Blanket, food-if traveling/shipping, toys...) Items can vary.

** Puppies come Microchipped & Registered to Breeder until proof of spay/nueter is provided per contract. This MUST be done at the One Year Old mark**




Raising puppies is a 24/7 commitment! I hand deliver all puppies, moms are NEVER left alone. They are raised in our home with LOTS of love and it shows. 



**PLEASE keep in mind, mixed sizes can be in each litter**

Sizes are an ESTIMATE!! Genetics can be tricky and size can vary Larger OR Smaller than Predicted. This is NOT a Guarantee!!




Approx 8-25 Lbs

                  Solids: $2,500 (Black or White)   

Abstracts/Parti $2,800

Chocolate/Tri/Phantom: $2,800       

Reds & Merles $3,000

Chocolate or Tri/Phantom Merle $3,300

Mini's (Approx 25-35 Lbs)

Medium's (Approx 40-55 Lbs)

Standard's (55+ Lbs):

Solids: $2,000 (Black or White)   

Abstracts/Parti: $2,300    

Reds & Chocolate $2,500    

Blue Merle $2,800

Chocolate or Tri/Phantom Merle $3,000



Approx 10-25 Lbs

Black/White: $2,800     

Special Colors: $3,100      

Merle OR Sable Tux $3,300

Mini (Approx 25-35 Lbs) 

Medium (Approx 40-55 Lbs)

Standard (Approx 55+ Lbs)

Approx 25-35 Lbs

Black/White: $2,500     

Special Colors: $2,800      

Blue Merle OR Sable Tux $3,000

Chocolate Merle $3,200



Approx 10-25 Lbs

 $4,000 Tri/Bi-Black, Sable

   Merle $500 Extra


Mini (Approx 25-35 Lbs) 

Medium (Approx 40-55 Lbs)

Standard (Approx 55+ Lbs

$3,500 Tri/Bi-Black, Sable     

Merle $500 Extra


No Exceptions due to all the lovely Scammers in the world/Cash ONLY is due in full at Picking Time

PayPal/Venmo  for Pay offs will NOT be accepted

$500 NONREFUNDABLE Deposits are only accepted prior to 4 Weeks of age.

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