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Comiskey: Lexus 5/2012 Litter

Hi Bethany! I've also attached a few pictures of our Goldendoodle, Comiskey. He is 34lbs full grown and he eats Nutro Ultra dog food. I don't remember ribbon color but do know he was the last puppy left in his litter when we took him! He is spoiled rotten, loves everyone and he's sure he is just another one of the kids. lol. He plants himself in front of the door, when he knows we're going to be leaving, to make sure he goes with us! Not sure about the other doodles from the litter but Comiskey is hot so he sleeps on his own doggie bed, next to our bed, and has his own fan that blows on him. ha! He loves going for walks! The picture with green feet…my husband had just mowed and Comiskey went out to play :P


Washington, Illinois

Kenna: Lexus 5/2012 Litter

Hey Bethany! Kenna is the best thing that has ever happened to me as lame as that sounds!! EVERYONE asks about her and what kind of puppy she is! They say she's the cutest little pup ever. I have sooooo many pictures of her so you let me know what number to text them too because it won't work on my email very well. Kenzie


Charlestown, IN


Scooter: Lexus 5/2012 Litter

Here's the latest of "Tye", although Tom wants to call him "Scooter", so we'll probably call him both. Tom says he's really grown, I really can't tell. He goes outside almost every hour to potty, doing great, plays with Bo, having a great time. Will send more pics later. He stays in his crate all night, no accidents, goes out first thing about 6:30am every morning. Smart pup. Thanks again, Marcia


Wataga, IA

Sugar: Lexus 5/2012 Litter


Hello! It’s great to see pictures from the litter. Thanks. Ours is named Sugar Puff and she weighs in around 28lb clean and 29lb dirty, J (she usually finds a way to get dirty). She is very opinionated and is eager to please. Sugar’s hair on her back is the thickest hair I have EVER seen on a dog (hard to brush). Still hyper, though she is maturing at a faster rate than our Golden (October) did. It took him 3 years to mature L We are very pleased with her and it’s clear to see that she has a lot of great qualities. She, as are the rest of the litter very beautiful dogs!! Michael


Columbus, IN

Indy: Lexus 5/2012 Litter


Hi Bethany, Indy is still the most adorable dog around!Hope you are well,Michelle


Fitchburg, WI

Riley: Lexus 1/2013 Litter


Here is Riley, green girl of her litter, about 8 months old (ish) and weighs a whopping 19 lbs. She is spoiled beyond measures and loved immensely by everyone. Attached are several pictures, including a side by side of her first haircut. Pretty funny!Looking forward to seeing more pictures of everyone else's precious doodles!



Chicago, IL


Murphy/Black Boy: Lexus 1/2013 Litter


Here’s a picture of our Murphy. He was the black ribbon puppy in the batch born on January 27th. Not sure of his current weight. He is a total doll - super sweet and loving. Our daughters absolutely adore him and give him so much affection. He is a happy puppy!



Chicago, IL

Murphy/Teal Boy: Lexus 1/2013 Litter


Hi Bethany, picture of Murphy is attached – he was recently fixed so they shaved his 2 front paws, that’s why he looks like a Clydesdale in the first photo. He is now 7 months old and weighs 26 lbs – has been thru puppy school, he graduated, I didn’t! He’s doing great ! He was the Teal ribbon colored pup in the original photo Peggy & I are really liking him, great choice for a breeder! Thanks again Mike


Naperville, IL

Whisper/Pink Girl: Lexus 9/2013 Litter


Whisper is very silly, she loves to play. But at the same time she is very go with the flow. She listens very well, she learned early how to walk on a leash and can be taken to the park off leash because she knows not to run away. My family is very happy with our puppy whisper!

I just want to thank Bethany Foutch Dills owner of Doodledee Goldendoodles for our wonderful puppy Whisper! She is our second dog from Bethany and we could not be more happy! —

Len & Alexis Funk and Samantha Kranz



Dyer, IN

Jazzy/Purple Girl: Lexus 9/2013 Litter




Lake Zivich, IL



Goldie/Yellow Girl: Lexus 9/2013 Litter



Spring, TX



Lola/Green Girl: Lexus 9/2013 Litter


Hi Bethany~ What can I say about Lola...? She's perfect! She is about 5 1/2 months now. We brought her home when she was 4 lbs. She's about 15 lbs now. She's such a good dog. She potty trained in less than 2 weeks and she never chews anything. She loves her walks and can walk off the leash and stays right there with me. She has weekly visits from family and friends mostly to see her. Everyone loves her! She has brought us so much joy and we are just in love with her. I am so glad I found you. I couldn't ask for a better personality !



Westminister, CO

Miles/Red Boy: Lexus 9/2013 Litter




Westminister, CO

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